Overwatch Channels


These players are mostly known for their technical skill, strategy, and their knowledge of gaming.


Seagull is a long-time Team Fortress 2 player who has crossed over (very successfully at that) to Overwatch. He is charming, insightful, and entertaining to watch. Seagull is, by far, one of the most insightful gamers. Of all the players I’ve watched and listened to in interviews, I would say Seagull has the best overall understanding of every element in competitive gaming. “Not like this, stream!” [ YouTube ], [ Twitch ]


“Ana 1HP! Mercy 1HP!” Despite what he actually does, everyone he hits is “1HP”. This is his famous call he uses to direct his team to focus damage on a player, or let his supporting flankers pick off weak characters. Kephri is one of the most impressive Widowmakers in Overwatch. One of his drawbacks is that he gets tunnel vision and relies a lot on his supports to watch his back. If he chokes, his team loses. Thank goodness he has the aim of a god. [ YouTube ], [ Twitch ]

Aimbot Calvin

His name is Calvin. Everybody is sure he’s using an aimbot. [ YouTube ], [ Twitch ]


Shadder “becomes the dragon eh, and doesn’t afraid of anything”. Shadder is a highly skilled player who often uploads clips/highlights of him playing competitive games. [ YouTube ], [ Twitch ]


iidqd is a long-time gamer who is currently maxing out his career on Overwatch. He is one of the best players with technical aiming skills. Sometimes his practices with his Twitch stream can be found wanting (playing on smurf accounts for killstreaks and lulz), but there is a lot to be learned from such an otherwise great player. [ Twitch ]


I found Valkia when he was doing a lot of videos about patch updates. Then I saw that he worked his way up to Grand Master by mostly playing Pharah. This pretty much exploited my sexual orientation for anything that launches rockets. Now, while he is top 500 rank, he still does play in a region of a smaller player base. So while he is very skilled with Pharah, I feel that his play style might not survive so well in pretty much any other region. [ YouTube ]


These players are more known for their VOD reviews, patch/balance analysis, map guides, and/or technical guides.


Dude rages out a lot, but he also has a shit-ton of great advice. One thing I don’t like about him, though, is that he’s super biased about maintaining the meta comp. Well, in a lot of videos I watched. I could be wrong. Basically, ingest a lot of what this guy has to say. Just don’t use his word as law. Unfortunately I’ve had the experience of playing with a few of his fans that would literally flame me for playing a class I owned at, rather than a meta character (we won in the end, luckily or else I wouldn’t be able to gloat like an asshole about this). [ YouTube ]

Overwatch Dojo

Tons of resources, ranging from tutorials, guides, and updates. [ YouTube ]


In-depth guides, meta philosophies, self-assessments, etc. ioStux covers just about every topic you can imagine. [ YouTube ]


VOD reviews, patch analysis, graphs, skill cielings/floors, and map guides; oh, my! [ YouTube ]


He uses lots of phallic shapes for his YouTube home page. It might be code for something. 2 things (besides the dick shapes) that really stood out in his video list that makes me want to put this guy at the top of my list. Mouse optimization, and “why jumping is bad for you”. But then again, my life force relies on killing idiots who jump constantly. [ YouTube ]

John Galt

He makes a lot of videos about tank meta, etc. [ YouTube ]


Hero guides. How-to guides for maps. Technical explanations. [ YouTube ]

Mind Fuxx

As of today, a lot of his videos are about climbing out of lower ranks, philosophy on climbing ranks, and character meta composition. [ YouTube ]

One Amongst Many

1 – I love that he uses “amongst”. I love that word. 2 – his channel art is pretty. This person definitely puts a lot of work into the quality of their art. Unfortunately I don’t have time to review every Overwatch channel I come across. This channel came highly recommended by a user on Reddit. [ YouTube ]

Cliff Terios

Lots of meta videos, ranging from “being called bad” to “giving up your hero”. [ YouTube ]

Lone Hawk

Lots of videos about individual heroes. [ YouTube ]



These players are more known for their personality


Zylbrad is one of my favorite Overwatch players due to his funny personality, his skill, and the company he keeps. Brad has plenty of funny friends who provide hours of fun. [ YouTube ], [ Twitch ]


Star, like Salty Phish, used to be among my favorite comedy TF2 YouTubers. Star doesn’t upload as much as he did back in his TF2 heyday, but his Overwatch videos are still great. I highly recommend you check out his stuff. [ YouTube ]

Salty Phish

Salty is a very funny Overwatch player. There’s just something about him where he has impeccable comedic timing. He has a sort of humble self-deprecation sometimes that let’s you know he doesn’t have some impenetrable ego. [ YouTube ]



This person is an animator that does a lot of animations with characters whom are inspired by Overwatch characters. [ YouTube ]


Me. Cold. RNOvirus.

I don’t really upload a lot of videos. However, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel I’ll get my custom URL I’ve always wanted. I’m planning on releasing a 5-part YouTube series on how to configure your PC setup for optimal gaming. This will range from setting up your PC, to adjusting your aim, to going over certain philosophies in regards to game sense. [ YouTube ], [ Twitch ]