Rippen 3 – The deletening

Credit: EvilDaedalus,


I’ll miss some of my old posts. They were a sweet bunch. Alas, the Great Electron has taken them from us – never to be seen again. Raster Image Process in peace.

It seems like a cheap, viable, and reliable VPS (Virtual Private Server) host is a mythical beast. “Beast” is giving them credit. Now-a-days “beast” is a compliment. No, no. My old VPS host, once full of responsive and knowledgeable staff, now houses incompetent morons who barely function as English-speaking script regurgitators, spewing sympathy-baron lines; such as:

Me : My VPS won’t boot from the console. Can you help me?
Them: “Your VPS has crash. Would like me to reinstall OS .”
Me : Will that destroy my data?
Them: “Yes.”

Turns out they weren’t able to recover my data. Each reply from them took 7-20 hours to get back to me. I’m tired of mediocre service so I decided to leave. So here I am! Rocking the website on a new server. Here’s hoping this provider is better than my last!

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