NOFX band members

Tales in trolling: “That band is irrelevant, therefore your joke is invalid.”

So I was browsing Reddit and saw this post about Chicago Blackhawks winger Artemi Panarin making a goal from a spot that’s known as “Ovechkin’s spot” (in Ice Hockey, it’s near the top of the right circle from the goalie’s perspective).

Someone made a comment about how this spot should be known as “Breadman’s Oven” (Panarin’s nickname is “The Breadman”). Well, someone sent down a senior officer from Grump & No-Fun Enterprises to respond to this thread. The following conversation is what ensued:

Forget the Ovi spot, that spot right there is the Breadman’s Oven.

No it isn’t.

I decided to send him a link to NOFX song called “Wrong”

I’m not PM-ing this song to you:

NOFX after 2004
Absolutely haram. Get your ice zones and music tastes in order. You’re sloppy.

I google’d “wrong song”. That’s how much effort I put toward that joke. You should try enjoying jokes. They’re pretty fun.

I do.
You should know your audience better if you wanna make jokes. Cause that wasn’t good.

Thanks for the info. Next time I’ll remember not to crack wise in front of a Blues fan.

Or anybody that’s listened to NOFX in the last 10 years…

Man you must really fucking hate NOFX. You want me to drive down and pick you up so we can kick some no-longer-relevant ass? Wait, are you a small scrappy fighter or a tank? Because I don’t have any room for a fat guy in my car due to all of the other NOFX haters I’ll be bringing with me.
That’s right, Gina. Buckle up because we will be literally cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

You’re almost there but that still wasn’t very funny.

That was pretty redundant. Hey, you should go back to telling me how not relevant NOFX is. Even though it was a poor method of refuting something subjective like humor, it reminded me of the better memories I have of you. Like, remember that one time I cracked a joke, and you were all like “Fuck that noise, I’m all about choking down some dick and swimming in a pool of apathy.” Good times.
Did you know NOFX reunited in 2009 for a 25th anniversary performance? Wow, they’re old! Like fucking old, dude! But not like fucking an old dude. That’s just gross. Unless you’re into that kind of stuff. Don’t worry! This is a non-judgemental zone. No, wait. This is a very judgemental zone.
Hey, remember the time you went to fucking Pound Town and judged the fuck out of my joke? Dude, you were judgemental as fuck! Good work, bro. Are you a mod on /r/funny? Because that sub is unfunny as fuck. Thanks for keeping out the humor, bro.
Why do I keep saying “bro”? Well, because you’re a Blues fan and I figured that’s how you folk like to talk. Right? Fuckin’ ay let’s go chuck some fresh brewed cold Budweiser down our throats and beat up some gas station attendants, bro. Yeah! Or do you also speak Chicagonese? Bang! Bang! Bang! let’s go be corrupt somewhere and fat with our pizza. Da’ Bears!

You need validation so bad.
It’s too bad.

Oh, so you’re at this stage. Nice projection, bro!
You just keep telling yourself that I need validation, when the truth is nothing is good enough for you because deep inside you’re really very depressed about something and you’re having trouble expressing your feelings about it. So when some goofy motherfucker on the internet like me doesn’t move on from your perpetual grumpiness, you’re forced to confront how you really feel about something – and it makes you feel uncomfortable!
Also, I don’t care about your validation because, unlike you, I don’t see you as a source of authority.

And yet, who keeps trying and who has to explain themselves?
That’d be you. Needing validation.

You’d be correct if I were trying to explain, well, anything. I’m being nonsensical and erratic, bro. You keep replying to these absolutely ridiculous replies trying to prove to yourself that you are right – as if we’re in some kind of battle. I mean, really? You think I’m trying to explain myself in my bit about “Blues/Chicago speak”? Hey, I’m impressed. You’re highly functional, bro.
Just so we can be even-Steven, use humor on me and I’ll refute it based on completely irrelevant merits and then persist to not lighten up, even though it’s clear as fucking day that you’re just goofing off. OK, go.

No, thanks.
I’m just enjoying the crumble.

At this point I thought I’d wrap things up by replying from an alt-account:


I then PM’d him the same link to the NOFX song, and I think to an image of Trump’s mouth with the word “Wrong” superimposed on it.

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